Client: ASDA

Project: ASDA Gosforth Superstore car park

As one of the most trusted names in property maintenance across England, Apollo FM’s clients include some of the country’s largest companies.

One of our recent projects was at ASDA’s superstore in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne. Several areas of the car park required a long-overdue overhaul due to weather and collision damage.

The bulk of our work was renewing the fencing, fence posts and concrete gravel boards in several areas around the site’s perimeter.

Many firms would be content to replace sections of the fence and call it a day, but that would have left an uneven appearance. Newly-installed wood would not match what was already in place.

Apollo’s property team went the extra mile by taking materials from the fences in other areas of the car park and used them to fill in the gaps and keep the main fence looking consistent along its entire length.

Where brand new wood was used, it was installed along the entire length of the section.

We also installed Armco Crash Barriers in front of the new fencing to prevent any further damage from vehicles, and covered the ground with chippings to finish the job.

The project was plagued by significant disruption from heavy rain, but that is to be expected in the North East of England in the winter, so all work was completed on time and within budget.

All works were also carried out with the supermarket’s parking capacity in mind, causing minimal disruption. An ample number of parking spaces, including disabled bays, were left available to cater to its busy customer base, as well as the parents of children from four local schools who use the car park as a drop-off point.

The job concluded with full cleaning and clearing of the site for handover to a satisfied client.